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We offer a range of services within our supported living accommodation focusing on comfort and security as top priority. In coordination with health care professionals, we aim to create tailored care plans to suit individual needs. Our staff are fully trained and qualified in all aspects of care, assuring you of quality care. In addition to the above we offer:
1-1 support
High need support
Medium need support
Low need support
Personal financial management
Concealing services arranged

Vital care services are committed providing tailored care with a view to enabling service user to integrate confidently in society and lead independent lives.

Mental Health Categories We Specialise In –

Anxiety and disorders can never be described in one word. They can range from small phobias to panic disorders. Lots of people might have intense anxiety disorders that may require on going treatment and a fraction of the population suffer from small fears.

A panic attack is an event that could be triggered due to a specific reason or could be spontaneous. The person having a panic attack is struck by a powerful emotion that causes an immense amount of fear which could have a dangerous impact.

A person with bipolar disorder can feel extremely motivated in one moment and then feel depressed and lethargic within seconds. Every person has different feelings and emotions that can be rotated within biopolar disorder Some people may have biopolar to a severe phase where their emotions can come into rotation rapidly whereas others might be able to control their emotional cycle for many months or years. The rotation of these emotions can monitor and controlled with medication, treatment, and their environment.

Emotions, behaviour, and thoughts are just some of the things that are influenced by depression. Depression can affect a person’s simple daily activities that might later become a struggle. Feeling upset, tearful, and demotivated for daily activities for a short period of time could just be the start of depression and could prolong itself. Many people might be struggling with depression but might have different symptoms. With support and treatment, depression is curable.

Borderline personality disorder focuses on the inefficiency to control and keep composure for emotions. BPD can develop and disturb the nature of a certain or perhaps all relationships that a person may have. Adolescence or early adulthood are the times when BPD become active. Some people with BPD may struggle with focusing on their lives but for some the conflict might not be so intense. A lack of control with feelings and ideas, dangerous actions and volatile relationships are issues that might be impacted on a person that has BPD.

The concept of hearing voices is someone is hearing voices when there might be nobody around them at all. There might be total silence. The person is in question may not be aware that they are in an environment where only they can hear the voices. Some people might feel scared and disturbed by these voices whereas others perhaps may be annoyed by them. Hearing voices is a mental health issue which many people might have.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder is always split into two segments:

Obsession - a repetition of emotions, anguish, impulsiveness and unpleasant ideas constantly conquering a person’s mind. This repetition can cause distress to the person with the obsession. The distress that this repetition causes is an energy that needs be utilized. Compulsions are the actions carried out to try and diminish the distress which has been provoked by the obsession. These actions could be anything from constantly wiping down the counters to checking one’s temperature.

There is an extreme sense of intimidation and fear without any reason is linked with paranoia. These sensations are also known as delusions. People may be frightened of many things which can then them leave them with this sense of intimidation.

As individuals we should be happy and content with the way we are and what we feel. Our personality is a collaboration of our emotions, views, and actions. Many of us feel confident in the with ourselves and connect with the outside world. Some individuals can find it hard to understand their own behaviour and thoughts. For them the daily challenge is to just recognise their personality. This daily struggle is known as personality disorder.

PTSD takes place after an occasion that could be extremely terrifying. People find it hard to come to terms and accept the event that has occurred. They could feel like they are reliving the whole event again and again when they are in a safe and secure place. Disturbed sleeping patterns could also follow with nightmares. The person who is experiencing PTSD could be distressed at the mention of the anything related to the even. There also can be physical sensitivity involved like shivering.

Like Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Schizoaffective disorder is also broken down into two parts. Schizo is related to psychotic symptoms which include hallucinations and delusions. Hallucinations are when only you might see things or hear things. People surrounding you don't realise that you could be hallucinating. Delusions are when you may have solid opinions and understanding which many may not relate with. Affective is related to mood symptoms which include manic symptoms and depressive symptoms. Manic symptoms are where you might feel overly motivated and happy about something or on the contrary you may be plotting something dangerous. Depressive symptoms are where you might feel immense loneliness and sorrow. There is a lack of interest in living. All you would want is to sleep all the time.

Schizophrenia is a very complex mental health issue that is always a topic of discussion and debate. A person’s background and actions could be connected with schizophrenia. The symptoms might appear instantly or may make progress for the worse. Every individual may find it hard to pay attention, they might want to stay isolated. They might struggle to coordinate their thoughts and with their actions. Their emotions could be hard to control for them. Self-harm could also enter that list. Hallucinations and delusions could also occur.